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BC Science 10 - Workbook

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Quick Overview

BC Science 10 Workbook to Go with the BC Science 10 Textbook

Table of Contents :
Unit 1: Sustaining Earth's Ecosystems
Chapter 1 Biomes and Ecosystems are divisions of the Biosphere
1.1 Biomes
1.2 Ecosystems
Chapter 2 Energy Flow and Nutrient cycles support life in ecosystems
2.1 Energy Flow in Ecosystems
2.2 Nutrient Cycles in Ecosystems
2.3 Effects of Bioaccumulation on Ecosystems
Chapter 3 Ecosystems continually change over time
3.1 How Changes Occur naturally in Ecosystems
3.2 How Humans Influence Ecosystems
3.3 How Introduced Species Affect Ecosystems
Unit 2: Chemical Reactions and Radioactivity
Chapter 4 Atomic theory explains the formation of compounds
4.1 Atomic Theory and Bonding
4.2 Names and Formulas of Compounds
4.3 Chemical Equations
Chapter 5 Compounds are classified in different ways
5.1 Acids and Bases
5.2 Salts
5.3 Organic Compounds
Chapter 6 Chemical reactions occur in predictable ways
6.1 Types of Chemical Reactions
6.2 Factors Affecting the Rate of Chemical Reactions
Chapter 7 The Atomic theory explains Radioactivity
7.1 Atomic Theory, Isotopes and Radioactive Decay
7.2 Half-Life
7.3 Nuclear Reactions
Unit 3: Motion
Chapter 8 Average velocity is the rate of change in position
8.1 The Language of Motion
8.2 Average Velocity
Chapter 9 Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity
9.1 Describing Acceleration
9.2 Calculating Acceleration
Unit 4: Energy Transfer in Natural Systems
Chapter 10 The kinetic molecular theory explains the transfer of thermal energy
10.1 Temperature, and Thermal Energy and Heat
10.2 Energy Transfer in the Atmosphere
Chapter 11 Climate change occurs through natural processes and human activities
11.1 Natural Causes of Climate Change
11.2 Human Activity and Climate Change
Chapter 12 Thermal energy transfer drives plate tectonics
12.2 Evidence for Continental Drift
12.2 Features of Plate Tectonics

BC Science 10  - Workbook

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BC Science 10 - Workbook