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Africa A Land of Hope by Donna Ward

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Quick Overview

Africa A Land of Hope by Donna Ward

Experience Africa just like you were there! You and your family will be changed forever. Hack through the jungle, stroll through a village, or step into a slum through the stories, videos, living novels and vibrant interactive websites. Your child’s values and character will be impacted permanently. Learn history, geography, but most importantly, how to be a world changer!

• DVD makes it personal~tugs warmly at the heart
• DVD includes 10 episodes, 3 supplementary features
• Text is easy to read but packed full of information
• Read aloud or independently
• All ages ~ 8 years to adult
• Extensive resource list: books, videos, websites
• Maps & Workpages reproducible or downloadable
• Easylinks for quick access to the best websites
• Christian based
• Life-changing

Topics: Countries and Features, Deserts, Rainforest, Savanna, Wildlife of Africa, The People and Their Culture, Explorers of Africa (Africa & European) International Aid Efforts, Avoiding Affluenza, People who make a Difference, The Issues - Poverty, War, AIDS, Corruption,

Children will also be challenged with the African issues such as AIDS, poverty, war, and corruption. Lessons on stewardship and simple living will help students tackle materialism in their society.

10 Episodes to bring African culture into your school room, including topics such as “Hope in a Desperate Slum”; “Growing up by Lake Victoria”; “Children deal with AIDS in Uganda”; “A New Generation of Leaders” etc.

64 Page, Paperback

Ages 8+

Africa A Land of Hope by Donna Ward

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Africa A Land of Hope by Donna Ward

Table of Contents:

The Continent

  • Resources
  • Thinking About Africa
  • Location in the World
  • Biomes of Africa
  • Geographical Regions
  • The Need for Water
  • SODIS Water Purification
  • North Africa

  • Resources
  • Geography of North Africa
  • Living in the Magreb
  • Living in the Desert
  • Living in the Nile Valley
  • Camels and Crocodiles
  • Managing Affluences with integrity
  • West Africa

  • Resources
  • Geography of West Africa
  • Ancient Kingdoms of West Africa
  • Slavery to Independence
  • Missionaries and Explorers
  • Living Simply with Style
  • Live and Die by the Sling
  • Central Africa

  • Resources
  • Geography of Central Africa
  • Miniature Hunters of the Rainforest
  • Intrepid Explorer-David Livingstone
  • War in the Hills
  • Can you give me a job?
  • Minding Money
  • East Africa

  • Resources
  • Geography of East Africa
  • The Maasai-Herders of the Savanna
  • Colonialism, Control and Corruption
  • Animals of the Savanna
  • Hunger and Hope in an Urban Slum
  • Harriet Mutumba-Sponsorship to Sponsor
  • Southern Africa

  • Resources
  • Geography of Southern Africa
  • Zulus and Xhosa – Then and Now
  • Finding Freedom with Nelson Mandela
  • Cecil Rhodes and the Mines
  • Killer Disease
  • What Can I Do?
  • Student Resources

  • Political Map
  • Biomes of Africa
  • Geographic Regions of Africa
  • Bodies of Water
  • Country Facts
  • Animal Facts
  • Facts About People
  • What have I Learned?